Don't miss our brand new Chocolate Small Plates Bar hosted by Adam Rawson, former chef at Pachamana featuring chocolate in each dish, including Beef, Chocolate and BBQ sauce sliders, Crispy Cauliflower with Pecan Mole and Smoked Yoghurt.


Enjoy a break at Intercontinental Park Lane & Paul A Young Afternoon Tea - £ 14 per person including brown sugar cones with sea salted caramel.

Top Tier:
Bonfire cone, chipotle chilli and brown sugar ganache, sandalwood, cedar wood chocolate twigs, cocoa nibs.
Chocolate water ganache, white chocolate and green cardamom ganache served in a half single origin 65% Grenadian Kalingo dark chocolate cocoa pod.

Middle Tier:
Roast beef, white chocolate horseradish cream, watercress on sourdough bread.
Honey roasted pumpkin, red pepper, goat’s cheese and crispy sage on focaccia bread.


Bottom Tier:
Brown sugar scones served with salted caramel, jam and clotted cream.

Included in the price will be a choice of two Northern Tea Company teas.